If you’re using Resque with your Rails application you may have noticed a large number of SHOW TABLES, SHOW CREATE TABLE and SHOW FIELDS FROM queries in your log while a job is processing. The most frustrating thing about this is that they probably don’t appear in your web requests.

The solution for this is quite simple. Because Resque forks its processes before each job is executed it only maintains - in memory - the cached metadata that was loaded before the fork. To resolve this issue we need to load all this metadata before the Resque job forks. Fortunately Resque provides a before_first_fork hook which allows us to execute code before the first job, hence allowing us to pre-load a lot of metadata into memory.

Add the following to an initializer file, like config/initializers/resque.rb.

# Pre-load all the ActiveRecord column metadata.
Resque.before_first_fork do
  ActiveRecord::Base.send(:subclasses).each do |klass|
    unless klass.abstract_class?

This code loads all the ActiveRecord subclasses and then, if they have a table associated with them, loads their column and primary key information. The column information is associated with the SHOW FIELDS FROM queries and the primary key information is associated with the SHOW TABLES query.

A note of caution. If you happen to use a gem that also hooks into the Resque pre-fork process you may run into issues. Currently Resque only supports a single block/code snippet per hook. Hopefully this issue will be resolved in this pull request that I created yesterday.

But if you are itching to get this working right away you can use my branch that contains the updates by adding the following to your Gemfile:

gem 'resque', git: 'git://github.com/panthomakos/resque', branch: 'hooks'

This code allows Resque to keep track of, and register, multiple fork hooks, so gems like rpm contrib, which also hook into the Resque boot process, can co-exist with your hooks.

Enjoy the faster Resque processing!