Today I released a new version of the Sham gem (version 1.0.0). This new version is not backwards compatible, hence the major version release. I highly recommend upgrading - this new version has some cool goodies included in it.

  • Sham::Config.activate! is faster - much faster.
  • Shams can be included individually. You no longer need to activate all shams, you can simply include a file with a Sham definition in it and that Sham will be available to you. You can also define Shams inline in your specs and tests.
  • The Sham definition syntax has changed, you can read more about this in the documentation.
  • There are a few more helper functions, namely the #empty function which allows you to create a simple empty Sham.

Here’s a quick sample using the new definition syntax:

Sham.config(Item){ |c| c.empty }

Sham.config(Item, :small) do |c|
  c.attributes do
    { :weight => 10.0 }

Sham.config(Item, :large) do |c|
  c.attributes do
    { :weight => 100.0 }

Item.sham!(:small, :quantity => 100)
Item.sham!(:large, :build, :quantity => 0)